Amedia stock Frequently Asked Questions

    Bellow You can find a guide on what encoding detail should have a free file to be accepted by administration

    For Video Files

    Size: bigger than 640px/480px

    Codec: H264

    FPS: 24,25,30

    Bit Rate: 4mbps-8mbps

    Field Order: Progressive

    Pixel Aspect Ratio : Square Pixel

    Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 4:3

    For Audio files

    Codec: AAC

    Frequency: 44.100,48,00 Hz

    Bit Rate: 192 - 320 kbps

    The following file types are allowed to upload:

    for video files : mpg, mpeg, mp4, mov, avi, mts, m2ts

    for audio files : mp3, wav

    for image files : gif, jpg, jpeg, png

    There are 2 types : user and TV company

    User type is free, the user is able to register for free, upload his video /audio /image files, sell them, buy other

    users’ files.

    TV Company type is paid, it is $15/monthly,

    The User is able

    to register as TV Company, but while he did not make the monthly payment, he has a User type.

    to set himself as User type, that is hide his TV Company if required.

    to organize his TV company page from the My Profile page

    The free files are not watermarked, the original files are shown on the front end

    The paid files are watermarked like this :

    on image files the company transparent logo is set

    on audio files the company name is pronounced

    on video files, the company transparent logo is set

    The user is able to see the full watermarked video file before to buy

    There are 2 payment systems for now

    Paypal system

    Pay from my AVI Platform balance – if the user sell some files we gather the amount in his pocket,

    So he is able to use his pocket money to make the payment on buying a file,

    and make monthly payment, if he is a TV Company

    In User Profile there is a Withdraw Earnings interface to send a withdraw request to web site admin, selecting

    the payment type

    User Profile sections are differ for 2 user types: User and TV Company

    User Type has the following sections:

    - My Files

    * view the uploaded files and upload new files

    - My profile

    * update your personal info

    - Orders

    * view Sold, Bought files, withdraws

    * in withdraws section you are able to cancel not paid withdraw request

    - Bills

    * make monthly payments for TV company, view the previous payments

    - Withdraw Earnings

    * send a withdraw request to web site admin

    - Settings

    * update your password


    TV Company Type has the following additional sections:

    - Edit Categories

    * Manage his TV Company categories for the files

    * These categories are shown on the TV Company page

    - Online Streaming

    * Online Streaming From URL – set your TV translation URL to use here

    * Online Streaming of Playlist – create a Playlist from available free files

    * No Playlist – Stop the online Streaming, if any

    - News

    * manage his TV Company news

    - Settings

    * Change Theme – select a background image for his TV Company page

    - Advertisement

    * add 2 ads images with the URLs on TV company left and right sides